Best Wedding Photos

Best Wedding Photos

I set about making a new slide show of what I thought was my best wedding photos.  Once I had finished I had left out a lot of photos, but them my daughter watched it and told me to halve it !!  OK I guess she was right so I made it much shorter.

Do you like it?

You can see the actual photos and more in my gallery at this link

Black and White Wedding Photos

Who loves black and white wedding photos?

I have to say I do, but it really takes the right kind of image to look good. Photos with architecture, patterns and are not too busy work best.

Take for example the image taken at Paradise Palms. In colour it’s great, but in black and white it looks a bit flat. 


Paradise Palms has the most beautiful grounds for colour photos

All the greens of vegetation just become lots of variations of grey.

Black and White Wedding Photos need lots of contrast

Black and White Wedding Photos need lots of contrast

Then look at the one taken in the Shangri-la near Bar8. It is really cool as a black and white with the woodwork.

Great Shangri-la Cairns black and white wedding photos

Great Shangri-la Cairns black and white wedding photo

But what about something a bit in between? With digital photography we can do that and I really like the subtle toning of the 3rd photo taken in a Cairns cafe. What do you think?

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Trash the Dress Video

Trash the Dress

Yes,  brides do trash their dresses, but its usually after the wedding.  This was a couple of years back now, but it’s had thousands of views so thought you might like to see it.  The bride is Katie and she is a really beautiful person.  Photos were taken at Crystal Cascades in Cairns.

Trash The Wedding Dress

Trash The Dress