Trash the Dress Video

Trash the Dress

Yes,  brides do trash their dresses, but its usually after the wedding.  This was a couple of years back now, but it’s had thousands of views so thought you might like to see it.  The bride is Katie and she is a really beautiful person.  Photos were taken at Crystal Cascades in Cairns.

Trash The Wedding Dress

Trash The Dress

A Perfect Beach Wedding Location

Where is a perfect Beach Wedding location?

The answer is simple. A perfect location for a beach wedding is Palm Cove, just 25 minutes north of Cairns.  Check out this promotional video about Palm Cove. Looks pretty darn nice hey !   There are so many things that wedding guests can do when they are there.  Most make it a mini holiday and I often hear them say that it was the best wedding they have ever been to.

I have to say though, the best thing for the Palm Cove wedding photos are the huge array of photo locations.  In the space of a few hundred metres are enough great spots that we can easily spend a couple of hours there.

Breathtaking !!

Palm Cove Beach Wedding Photography

Palm Cove Beach Wedding Photography

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Sheryn and Ross @ Thala Beach Lodge

Port Douglas Wedding Photography at Thala Beach Lodge

I have not shot a wedding at Thala Beach Nature Reserve (Thala Beach Lodge) for a few months, so when I had the good fortune to be back there I was so keen to have fun and get some great shots.  What do you think?

Sheryn and Ross were so funny .  Their nick names were mischief and mayhem and they certainly lived up to it.

Port Douglas Wedding Photography at Thala is spectacular and Thala Beach Nature Reserve is one of the amazing places in the tropics for a beach wedding.

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Photo Magic within 100 metres

Trevor and Donna’s Palm Cove Wedding Photography

It’s what I love about Palm Cove. Everything is there in close proximity.  Stunning beach,  beautiful, tranquil rainforest and classy, elegant resorts.

Take the very fun couple Donna and Trevor.  They eloped from Sydney for a destination wedding after being together for 14 years.   All their Palm Cove wedding photography was shot within a 100 metres radius of the beautiful Alamanda Wedding Chapel.

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Sheryn and Ross Trash the Dress

Beach Wedding Photography goes a little crazy

Well I was not expecting that, but with nicknames of Mischief and Mayhem I guess it makes sense.

On Friday I shot a lovely beach wedding elopement at Thala Beach Nature Reserve ( formally Thala Beach Lodge ) and Sheryn (aka Mischief) said she wanted to get into the water for some photos.  Hew new hubby Ross was up for it, so in we went.  By the end of it we were all wet, happy and had some really fun beach wedding photography.



Secret Location for a Palm Cove Wedding

We all seek out a big expanse of beach or field or perhaps a quaint church for a ceremony, when right under our noses are gems like this.  At the back of Drift resort at Palm Cove is this beautiful spot.  We were only there due to bad weather, but what a stroke of good fortune for the Palm Cove Wedding Photography.

Palm Cove wedding

Palm Cove wedding
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Beach Wedding Setting

How simple is this beach wedding setting in Palm Cove last weekend.  The celebrant Eve Prince set it up for the couple.  Its close to the northern end of the beach in front of the caravan park.  Don’t let that put you off, because it’s relatively private and possibly the best location along Palm Cove for a beach wedding because there is a big shady tree.

Palm Cove Beach Wedding

Palm Cove Beach Wedding

Jessica and Daryl’s Palm Cove Wedding

What a nice couple Jessie and Daryl are. They are Cairns locals and married a few minutes from home. They had their Palm Cove Wedding at the stunning Alamanda Chapel and had their reception at the NuNu restaurant also in the Alamanda resort. Who wouldn’t if you lived near Palm Cove.

After a very dry winter it decided to start raining the week of their wedding.  You may find it strange, but that can be good news.  Take a look at the sky in some images below.  Also the light is softer and shadows easier to manage.  Jess and Daryl were keen to give anything a try and played to the camera while Julia and Muz looked on.

Best thing is I know I’ll remain friends with them. They are really genuine and a lot of fun.
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