Best Wedding Photo Locations in North Queensland

Tropical North Queensland is the jewel of the pacific and if you are lucky enough to get married here, you are in for a visual treat.  So where are the best wedding photo locations in North Queensland. There are actually hundreds of stunning photo locations in the tropical north from Mission Beach, Cairns, Palm Cove and up to Port Douglas and the Atherton Tablelands. They range from long empty beaches to busy cityscapes, from clear tropical streams to cosmopolitan resorts.  Let me take you on a practical photographic journey and go with just seven that are in public places that any wedding party can access for the very best wedding photo locations in Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas.

Trinity Inlet Cairns

The view across the inlet to the cloud capped mountains beyond the water is stunning.  As a backdrop it’s hard to beat, especially as the sun starts to go down and the sky takes on shades of pinks and purples above the green of the dense wilderness.  Take a walk along the the boardwalk, starting at the very northern end near the Shangri-la hotel and end up at the new cruise terminal.   It’s an easy stroll for the entire bridal party and has a few bars along the way if you need a refresher.

Cairns City and Esplanade

The tree lined paths on the esplanade near the lagoon feature warm light and long shadows as sunset approaches. Photos of newlyweds strolling hand in hand along the pathways are both beautiful and natural.  Move a block inland and eclectic cafes and shops provide a completely different feel and you can have some fun with cityscape wedding photos.

Freshwater Area

So the first two areas above in our Best Wedding Photo Locations  in Tropical North Queensland are both within a one km radius of the Cairns pier area. The variety for great wedding photography in this small area is unmatched in Australia. However, there is more !!!  Lets move north…..

Freshwater is a suburb close to Cairns and well worth the 10 minute drive along the highway.  First stop is the old saw mill for some rustic charm. It’s a real treat and a chance for the bridal party to fool around.

Further along the road are railway tracks (take care) and the Freshwater railway station. Unfortunately the station is off limits now for wedding photos without paying a fee ( Thanks for that).  Don’t worry, because as you turn right and go down Old Freshwater Road, you are in for a real treat.  It is the closest sugar cane fields to Cairns city and has the bonus of a beautiful tropical stream.

Palm Cove

Palm Cove is 25 minutes north of Cairns and is one of the most perfect wedding locations in Australia.  Everything you would ever want is in a 1 km stretch along the waters edge.  With Australia’s only beach-side wedding chapel, a dozen beautiful resorts, palm trees and and endless view to the coral sea, Palm Cove is the ultimate destination wedding location.

It is a common sight to see a lucky bride and groom walking along the gorgeous Palm Cove Beach most days of the year.  Both the coconut tree lined southern end and the jetty at the northern end of the beach are well worth spending some time. If you are lucky enough to have access to one of the many 5 star resorts, then you can round off your beach side photos with some beautiful photos around your resort.

Port Douglas – Rex Smeal Park and Sugar Wharf

Port Douglas is a favourite holiday and wedding destination for thousands of couples a year.  The beautiful Rex Smeal Park is a place you just want to slow down and watch the boats come in and the clouds gathering over distant mountains.  Then again maybe not, because it’s your wedding day and the park sets the stage for the most breathtaking wedding photography location you can imagine.   A short walk along the foreshore you approach the heritage Sugar Wharf near the St Mary’s by the Sea chapel.  The white lines of the old weatherboard warehouse and the views are perfect for great photos.  The sun is often bright so the shadows and dramatic light is great.

The Port Douglas Marina

The marina area in Port Douglas is both a boutique shopping arcade and the main boating marina. It’s really worth exploring and you’ll be rewarded with fun photos around the shops and outside with a flotilla of boats as your backdrop.  There is also a cute old looking train station adjacent to the marina area to add variety to your photos.

Before we leave Port Douglas it would be remiss of me to not mention the glorious 4 mile beach.  If you have the time, head over and grab some images walking along the beach, especially when the tide is low and you can play with reflections.

The Tablelands

The Atherton tablelands or as it is sometimes called, the Cairns Highlands, is full of charming villages and rolling green hills.  It’s the perfect country wedding photo setting.  You will need to drive around a bit.  Yungaburra, including the massive fig tree, is well worth a visit. As is Lake Tinnaroo and the Malanda area.

I hope these photo location and the sample photos have provided you some great inspiration for your perfect Tropical North Queensland wedding.