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O’Brien Electrical photo shoot

Did you know that a short video has the best engagement for marketing?  People will watch it to the end and are more likely to act on it.  Both credibility and brand awareness are increased. What a great experience it was to photograph the O’Brien Electrical team recently in Cairns.  It’s a challenge getting a […]

Photographing a Photographer

Photographing a Photographer

Let me tell you a little story…..  stay with me ’cause its a cool story….

A lot of international couples come to our beautiful region for their elopement wedding, so I get enquiries from all over the world.   Many are from the UK and this is where my story starts.

Roger, the groom, was communicating with me via email from London.  He asked lots of questions and they were not your average questions.  Not the ones that I normally receive from couples.  He wanted to know about my style, to see lots of my work, including entire weddings.   He wanted to know about my equipment and would I give him the Raw files.  Raw files are the really, really big unedited files out of the professional camera.  That last one was most certainly an unusual request.

Mmmm … I’m beginning to think that this guy knows his stuff and is probably a photographer.

Anyway, I won the wedding and thought nothing more about it until the day of their wedding came around. When I meet Roger and Avril, they were an older couple getting married for the second time.   A few of their adult children had also come out from the UK.  It was not really your typical elopement wedding with no guests.  The beach wedding went off without a hitch ( as they always do up here ) and we captured some great photos around Palm Cove.

Towards the end of the day, I’m really getting to know them more and mentioned to Roger that he sounded like a photographer in his emails.  “Yes I am a photographer”, he declared. “I’ve photographed a few people you may have heard of”.

“Oh”, I say “who is that? ”

“Princess Diana and Charles’s wedding was one you would have heard of”, Roger said.  “Also portraits her Majesty the Queen and Fergies wedding too”

What the !!!!!!

I’m glad I did not know who he was before I photographed his wedding.  I asked him some questions about the weddings and it turns out it was only the ceremonies in Westminster Abby (only…..) and did a little bit of checking and sure enough, he was who he said he was.

Cool hey !

Beach Elopement Wedding

Beach Elopement Wedding


Beach Elopement Wedding

Beach Elopement Wedding

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Best Wedding Photos

Best Wedding Photos

I set about making a new slide show of what I thought was my best wedding photos.  Once I had finished I had left out a lot of photos, but them my daughter watched it and told me to halve it !!  OK I guess she was right so I made it much shorter.

Do you like it?

You can see the actual photos and more in my gallery at this link

Trash the Dress Video

Trash the Dress

Yes,  brides do trash their dresses, but its usually after the wedding.  This was a couple of years back now, but it’s had thousands of views so thought you might like to see it.  The bride is Katie and she is a really beautiful person.  Photos were taken at Crystal Cascades in Cairns.

Trash The Wedding Dress

Trash The Dress

Sheryn and Ross Trash the Dress

Beach Wedding Photography goes a little crazy

Well I was not expecting that, but with nicknames of Mischief and Mayhem I guess it makes sense.

On Friday I shot a lovely beach wedding elopement at Thala Beach Nature Reserve ( formally Thala Beach Lodge ) and Sheryn (aka Mischief) said she wanted to get into the water for some photos.  Hew new hubby Ross was up for it, so in we went.  By the end of it we were all wet, happy and had some really fun beach wedding photography.