Trash the Dress

The idea of destroying thousands of dollars of wedding dress may not appeal to many brides, but wait……

Your dress is not really trashed.  It just gets wet and you’re probably going to dry clean it anyway.

Trash the dress is a bit of fun after the wedding and usually a few days later.  Some couples who elope do it after the photos shoot and that is OK too.

Make a day of it

Why not pack a picnic and bottle of wine and then plan your dip after lunch in your secluded spot.  It will be a day to remember, but don’t forget to bring some towels 😉

wedding photographer

Where do we Trash The Dress?

A Mountain Stream

Think of a cool mountain stream surrounded by trees and nature.   Imagine slowly taking the plunge together and coming up in each others arms  all wet and laughing.  These are magic times you will remember your entire life.

Trash the Dress

The Ocean

Rolling in the sand whilst slowly entering the water is heaps of fun.  Water fights, dunking and laughter is all part of your trash your dress at the beach. The best time of day for beach photos are at dawn or sunset when the light is softer.

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress Gallery

Please take a look through the gallery below and see if you can’t resist booking your Trash the Dress photos.  Prices from $495.